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Carrera Y Carrera

Carrera y Carrera is one of the most well-known, as well as one of the largest jewelers in the world, established by a brilliant sculptor Manuel Carrera in 1885 in Madrid, the capital of Spain. The stylish and sophisticated brand Carrera y Carrera bears the tradition of jewelry making initiated over a century ago that captured the beauty of life in exquisite miniatures, with every tiny nuance conveying the vivid, ardent emotions and feelings.
Keeping a great desire for presenting something special for customers, the company designed decorations with pictures of animals which became the style of the company at the beginning period of the House. The favorite themes – flowers, mysterious panthers and butterflies were admired by ladies of high society.
Most recently Carrera y Carrera has launched its Avalon watch with mink straps found in four colors – white, green, purple, and pink. A royal name in jewelry: Being a renowned Jewelry House of Spain, Carrera y Carrera received the attention of the Spanish Royal Family and became the only brand creating jewelry for the Spanish Royal Family. The company sometimes got special orders even from the president of DeBeers and produced pieces for the Spanish government as well.