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The Man Behind The Name

Charles Krypell is one of the most recognized and successful brand names in the jewelry industry. What makes the Charles Krypell name so important for sellers and buyers is the man behind the name. Charles Krypell designs every piece as homage to the brilliance of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Every curve, line and detail is drawn to present the sparkling stones in the most fluid and seamless presentation imaginable. His work is a perfect tribute to the singular elegance of precious gems.

Beautiful Jewelry Is Only The Beginning

From his first success 25 years ago, Krypell learned that designing beautiful jewelry was only the beginning. The consistency of craftsmanship, working only with the finest quality metals and flawless gems were all essential elements. However, equally important was the merchandising and sales support he could give to his retailers. He spent as much time behind the selling counters as he did over his sketches in the studio. He listened to the responses of customers and learned firsthand what sales staffs need in order to successfully sell his collections.

By combining his artistic talent, a desire to create and his commitment to marketing, Charles Krypell Fashion and Charles Krypell Sterling come to define what is elegant and timeless in precious jewelry.