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Gerge is Here
Creating the perfect timepiece is an art; wearing the perfect timepiece is a necessity. Welcome to Gerge, where art melds with necessity and perfection is born. Two generations of spectacular craftsmanship has earned Gerge its reputation as one of the world’s premiere custom watchmakers. A private label master commissioned by high profile clientele, Gerge was previously unavailable for public purchase. Now for the first time, Gerge brings innovative, graceful and distinguished treasures to you.

Gerge is Diversity
Designed in Italy and manufactured in Switzerland, Gerge Watches utilizes the highest quality and most innovative materials available: Stunning VS2, G-Color Belgium cut diamonds, the finest 18-Karat white or yellow gold and magnificent Italian leathers made of stingray, crocodile and calf-vachette. Gerge designs will become part of you, carrying you with ease from the pitch meeting to the yoga class, from the cafe to the club.

Gerge is Integrity Gerge crafts a superior timepiece, both stellar and affordable. Whether it is your first wristwatch or you are adding to your collection, Gerge offers something for everyone. Gerge is committed to finding the cure for the common watch with the belief that all people should have the opportunity to possess beauty and quality. Gerge designs are all originals, engraved with specific serial numbers, memorializing the origin and authenticity of each piece.

Gerge is Infinite
A Gerge watch represents time yet it is timeless. It is infinite in its design, its quality and its style. From the first moment it graces your wrist, your Gerge watch will be as unique as you are. Enjoy Gerge now, forever and for infinity.