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The Victorinox Swiss Army legacy traces its origins to 1884, when Karl Elsener and his mother Victoria opened a cutlery workshop in a small town in Switzerland.
Today, the Elsener family still owns Victorinox. The company celebrated both the 125th Anniversary of Victorinox and the 20th year of the Swiss Army Watch in 2009, with a number of events, including a road trip, and limited editions of both Swiss Army watches and Swiss Army Knives Princeton Watches has been an authorized Swiss Army retailer since 2000. We carry the complete line of Victorinox Swiss Army Watches.
There is sometimes confusion about the term ‘Swiss Army” as it applies to knives and watches. The Swiss Army in Switzerland (meaning the actual country of Switzerland’s army) licenses and procures their “Swiss Army” knives from two companies, Victorinox and Wenger (now both under the same ownership) and has for over a century, so they are both legally and commonly called “Swiss Army” knives. However, only Victorinox Swiss Army Watches can say “Swiss Army” on the dial, they are the only “real” Swiss Army Watches

Also, originally the watches made by Victorinox were made with only “Swiss Army” on the dial. In the last few years, the watches have been produced with the “Victorinox Swiss Army” designation on the label, as Victorinox emphasizes and celebrates its brand heritage
The transition between the two designations was not done overnight, but gradually as the company and its retailers sold the inventory with the old brand designation. Both Victorinox Swiss Army and Swiss Army watches are made by the same company and are the same watch. Many styles (over 100) were made using both designations on the label. As of 2009, it is less common to encounter a new watch that simply says Swiss Army on the dial.